H.L Hunley Award

The Hunley award is now administered through the Alabama Division instead of the National organization. We have a Division coordinator who many of you have spoken to already. Isaac Brownlow III is the coordinator of the program and with your help make our participation much stronger. What we ask of you is to gather basic information for the schools where we have a camp and in adjoining counties that do not have camps.The information needed is:

Contact info for schools with JROTC programs in your area
(name, phone number, address, and email if known)
-list of schools who have previously received the award
-list of camps who have previously provided sponsorships
-list of schools who have not received or have declined participation

We have a new sponsorship form that is listed below with other forms to help familiarize yourself with the changes to the program. The Alabama Division will provide the award at no cost if a camp does not have the funds to do so. Individuals can also sponsor an award if they choose to do so. We will need a presenter (Envoy) at the schools JROTC awards program to present the award to the cadet. We want to grow this award throughout the state of Alabama

Isaac can be reached by email at hlhunleyal@gmail.com or at (251) 550-6075

Author: Jimmy Hill, Division Commander
Date: December 4th, 2017