Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee of the Alabama Division will have its annual meeting on February 10th at Gracepoint Church in Montgomery. The meeting will start at 9:30 am.The EC consists of the Commander, 1st Lt. Commander, 2nd Lt. Commander, Adjutant, Treasurer, Brigade Commanders, Camp Commanders and Past Division Commanders. A proxy may be substituted for a Camp Commander provided the proxy form (available on the website) is sent to the Division Adjutant. Gracepoint Church is located at 1575 Ray Thorington Rd. Montgomery, Alabama 36117. The Camp Adjutant is invited and encouraged to attend this meeting but cannot vote on any matter unless he is the designated proxy of the camp. The Lt. Brigade Commanders are encouraged to attend this meeting as well. An agenda will be sent to each Brigade Commander to send to the camps and will be posted on the Division Officers news Facebook page. SALESFORCE, the new membership system will be the primary focus of this meeting. SCV Executive Director, Mike Landree will be giving a program on SALESFORCE at this meeting. Each Camp NEEDS a representative there to learn the system.

Author: Jimmy Hill, Division Commander
Date: December 19th, 2017