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Alabama Division


The Chairman of the Committee is listed with contact
information. Contact chairman for other members of his
committee or for more information about the committee.

Amendments & Resolutions

Johnny Turner
2518 Newport Dr. SW
Decatur AL 35603
(256) 566-8530


Carl Jones
1112-A 2nd Ave SW
Cullman AL 35055
(256) 775-3607


Randall Hughey
320 Barnett Blvd
Tallassee AL 36078
(334) 201-4756

Budget Planning

Jimmy Hill
PO Box 375
Capshaw AL 35742
(256) 614-3613

Division Events

Tommy Rhodes
16599 Co Rd 28
Summerdale AL 36580
(251) 979-2038


John Land
64 Avenue of the Waters
Pike Road AL 36064
(334) 277-9331


Randall Hughey
320 Barnett Blvd
Tallassee AL 36078
(334) 201-4756

Recruiting & Rentention

Randall Hughey
320 Barnett Blvd
Tallassee AL 36078
(334) 201-4756

Division Life Membership

Frank Leatherwood
198 Kerri Lane East
Boaz AL 35956
(256) 506-0926


Carl Jones
1112-A 2nd Ave SW
Cullman AL 35055
(256) 775-3607


Larry Muse
3705 Northcote Drive
Mountain Brook AL 35223
(205) 902-2400

Flag Depot

Mike McMurry
723 11th Terrace
Pleasant Grove AL 35127
(205) 965-5464

Flags 4 Alabama

David Currey
1640 Lane Switch Road
Albertville AL 35951
(256) 506-0137

Training Coordinators

James Blackston
Mack Lott
William Myrick
Andy Bodenheimer
Terry Bailey
Butch Godwin
Darwin Clark


Carl Jones
1112-A 2nd Ave SW
Cullman AL 35055
(256) 775-3607

Special Projects

Stuart Waldo
2466 Eastwood Blvd
Prattville AL 36066
(334) 868-9668

Alabama Guardian Program

Herman Doster
416 Verbena Loop
Foley AL 36535
(251) 971-2508
(251) 284-0831

Forrest Monument

Dan Williams
104 Evelyn St. SW
Trussville AL 35173
(205) 209-2821

Grant Request

Carl Jones
1112-A 2nd Ave SW
Cullman AL 35055
(256) 775-3607


Robert “Cherokee” Brasher
101 Fords Valley Rd
Fayette AL 35555
(205) 442-3535

I-65 Flag

Larry Spears
125 St. Simons Way
Deatsville AL 36022
(334) 467-5818


Gary Carlyle
321 Forrest Drive
Henagar AL 35978
(256) 738-5028

Training North

Larry Thomson
665 Old River Road
Laceys Spring AL 35754
(256) 881-3712

Training Central

Larry Warren
148 Squaw Ridge Rd
Eclectic AL 36024
(334) 857-3719

Training South

Joe Clark
1556 Seminole Circle
Elba AL 36323
(334) 806-1793

Description of Committees

Amendments and Resolutions-Gathers proposed amendments to the standing orders or to the division constitution. Checks proposal against
current version or in the case of a separate new proposal insures it keeps in line with the national constitution. This committee will primarily work
from February to the Division Convention.

Audit-Completes a financial audit of the financials of the Alabama Division. Typically a three man committee headed by the 1st Lt. Commander of the
Division. Can be done by teleconference

Awards-Headed by the 2nd Lt. Commander of the Division. This committee receives submissions for the different awards offered through the
Division. Handles the printing of certificates and orders plaque or other awards as noted in the awards handbook. Also reviews and
recommends changes to the program.

Budget Planning-Plans the upcoming budget for the Division.

Division Events-This committee will oversee the Lee Day in Montgomery, EC meeting and youth camp and any other special Division events.

Life Membership-See Division Constitution for Details

Education-This committee will be responsible for the planning of the Alabama Education Conference, speaker list, brochures, reading list and other
educational opportunities for our members.

Finance-Oversees the financial planning of the Alabama Division including funds outside of the budget.

Flag Depot-Provides flags of all sizes to the camps and members of the Division. Seeks out the most competitive price and quality products available.

Flags 4 Alabama-Promotes the program to camps. Provides guidance on site selection. Reviews submissions for potential problems and then for
approval by the DEC. Submissions must be in compliance with guidelines established in the program description.

Forrest Monument-Committee will review work done at the site and make recommendations for improvements to the site.

Grant Request-Headed by the 1st Lt. Commander of the Division. Grants must be submitted using the procedures outlined in the Grant Request guidelines.
They must be submitted thirty days out of the published DEC date. They must be reviewed and submitted to the DEC two weeks before the DEC meeting.

Heritage-Headed by the Chief of Heritage Operations, this committee will respond to the violations submitted by members or the public. This committee
will also promote Heritage Offense. Heritage Posters will be handled through this committee.

I-65 Flag-This committee handles the day to day needs of the flag site in Autauga County. Submits flag needs and repairs. Oversees the disposal program.

Legislative-Promotes the Monuments bill and tracks progress. Develops a game plan. Also keeps the DEC informed of upcoming issues.

Library-Handles the staffing of the library and designates needs for improvements to the library. Completes feasibility study for internet access.

Marketing-Develops ideas to market the Alabama Division to the public and to the membership.

Recruiting and Retention-Develops and implements a program to help recruit at Brigade and Camp levels. Tracks the progress of camp growth and
provides direction on activities to aid in recruiting and retention.

Scholarship-Chaired by the 1st Lt. Commander of the Division along with two others selected by him. They are to promote the scholarship, insure that it is
in the Alabama Confederate far enough out for the members to know about the deadline for submission. They will develop a system to aid in the selection
of the recipients and will review the submissions for the selections.

Special Projects-This committee will operate on an “as needed” basis.

Training-Training workshops will be held in three cities in the northern, central and southern parts of the Divisions. Initial topics will be on Adjutant and
Commander training. The materials developed will be made available to the Brigade Commanders to hold future meeting. The development of an adjutants hand-
book and its implementation will be a part of this committee.

Training Coordinators-Will assist in Division and Brigade training events. From planning, location, set up, etc the coordinators will help the Training
chairman in their particular area.