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April 2017

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Alabamians In The War Between The States

Alpheus Baker was born on 28 May, 1828 in Clover Hill, South Carolina. He became a school teacher at age sixteen and taught in South Carolina, Georgia, and eventually settled in Eufaula, Alabama. At the age of twenty, he began reading law and soon became an attorney. When the war began, Baker enlisted as a [...]

Executive Committee Meeting, Feb. 2017

The Executive Committee was slated to be different this year. We were still going to conduct a business review of the Division to the delegates as required and we were still going to include some training opportunities but this year we added the first Chaplain’s Conference to be held as part of this meeting. One [...]

It’s A Small World

April 21, 2008 was a new beginning in my life. On that day, I became a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and my life changed forever. I have met so many wonderful people, that I cannot think where to start. Not long after becoming a member, I began to re-enact some. I was [...]

Division Trip

Our scheduled trip to the Columbus Naval Museum had to be cancelled due to poor weather in January. It will be rescheduled tentatively for the month of August. We will let everyone know through all communication sources of the exact date.

New To The Website

Webmaster Matthew Young has added several items to the website since the EC meeting in February. First, he has added a Division genealogy page under the “About Us” tab. You fill out the form and click submit and it will go directly to Division Genealo-gist Harold Bouldin. This should help aid camps in locating soldiers [...]

The Eventful Month Of April

Concerning the South’s effort to establish an independent republic, the month of April is laden with critical events, especially related to the initiation of hostilities in 1861. The unfortunate demise of the Confederate States is also intimately connected to April. Although the list is certainly not all-inclusive, some of the most significant events and occurrences [...]

Chaplains Comments

We have a hero of Alabama birth and rearing whose character was above reproach. I speak of none other than John Pelham, born of a good family, son of a doctor, and son of a wise and godly mother. I speak of John Pelham from the Anniston–Jacksonville area of Alabama. If you are in the [...]

Confederate Order of Saint Barbara

Greetings Be it Known is how the document starts. This is the beginning of a historical event. The Confederacy now has an Order of Saint Barbara. This international society for artillerymen has been formed and chartered at SCV St Clair Camp 308 in Ashville , Alabama. After 151 years, artillerymen of the Southern Cause can [...]

Forrest Monument at Cedar Bluff

As chairman of the Forrest Monument committee I extend an invitation for you to be a part of this historical site. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to honor a Confederate soldier for the world to see. We are moving ahead to upgrade the monument area. We have plans to make it more [...]

2nd Lt. Commanders Report

As the Division’s 2nd Lt. Commander, I have been charged with recruiting and retention of the Alabama Division membership. I learn something new almost every day that aids me in this endeavor, but I’m constantly asked what is it that works so well in Tallassee, my home camp. Hopefully, some of what I share can [...]

1st Lt. Commanders Report

Compatriots, It was a pleasure to see many of you at the Annual Executive Committee meeting in Prattville last month. We had an informative day and there are exciting things going on around the Alabama Division. We had 34 of our current 61 Camps represented there, which is slightly over 50%. One of the things [...]

From The Division Commander

“All motion is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away – by standing still.” Robert E. Lee I used this quote last month and for this article and I feel it still fits. It has been ten months since our last Division Reunion and so much work has been done but there is [...]

Alabama Generals With Upcoming Birthdays

Brigadier General Phillip Dale Roddey – April 2, 1826 Brigadier General John Caldwell Calhoun Sanders – April 4, 1840 Killed at Globe Tavern in 1864 Brigadier General Alpheus Baker – May 28, 1828 Brigadier General George Doherty Johnston – May 30, 1832 Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan – June 1, 1825 Brigadier General Cullen Andrews [...]


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