Upcoming Events

DEC Meeting

The first DEC meeting of the new fiscal year will be held on August 12th at 9:30 am at Confederate Memorial Park. DEC members and select committee members need to be there as we begin the new year. Space is very limited due to the size of the library.

Posted by: Jimmy Hill, Division Commander
Date: July 24th, 2017

Columbus Naval Museum Trip

Back in January we had to cancel the Division trip to the Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia. We have rescheduled the trip for August 5th. Be outside the museum by 10:30 am CST. We will have a tour guide to lead us through and we can also break into smaller groups. Wear something with SCV […]

Posted by: Webmaster
Date: May 14th, 2017

Latest News

National Reunion, Memphis

The 2017 National Reunion was held in Memphis, Tn. on July 20th – 22nd. There were two amendments garnering most of the attention. One concerned the wearing of the SCV logo as part of the Mechanized Cavalry logo on the back of the vest. This amendment was defeated. The other was requiring camps to charter […]

Posted by: Jimmy Hill, Division Commander
Date: May 16th, 2017